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Deer Repellent for Winter Protection – Lynch Plant Healthcare – Wayland, MA

A year after a bumper crop of acorns littered streets and parks throughout the region, these nuts seem to have vanished this autumn and winter, a little-understood phenomenon that scientists say will ripple throughout the area.  Deer will not have enough food – we expect to see them raiding your shrubs, ...


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Winter moths invade Wayland, MA. Bill Joseph Explains.

WINTER MOTHS INVADE METROWEST Contact: Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. 508-655-0798 Wayland, Mass.— Over the last decade, many Massachusetts communities have reported millions of moths emerging around Thanksgiving and continuing into early January. Coincidently, in the Spring, these same communities have witnessed an astonishing number of small, green caterpillars ...


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Did you treat your trees for Winter Moth Caterpillars this season? If not, you most likely experienced significant foliage destruction in your deciduous trees. Did you notice leaves with holes in them? Trees not as full and vibrant as usual? The Winter Moth Caterpillar is done eating ...


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Help protect your family from Lyme Disease with an integrated tick control program.

Lyme disease has become very common in the surrounding Boston area. We have seen significant increases in the Weston, Wayland and Sudbury areas. Lyme disease is spread to humans and pets by the pinhead-sized deer tick. Typical symptoms of Lyme disease include a bulls eye-shaped rash, headaches, fever, ...


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Lynch Plant Healthcare has started receiving calls and emails about shrub and fertilization, insect control and lawn care needs as we rapidly approach the spring season! If you require any of our services, please know that we still have the 7% pre-paid discount in place should you ...


New website coming soon!

Lynch Plant Healthcare has asked Lake Graphics to help them launch their brand new website. Keep checking back for updates as the site progresses. It should be live in a matter of days!



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