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What’s With All the Winter Moths?

Have you seen winter moths covering your outdoor lights and doors? We have. Lynch Plant Healthcare is gearing up for an increase in Winter Moth treatments. The activity of the moths is already in full swing as these moths leave their nests towards the end of November and stay active through January laying their eggs [...]

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Anti- Desiccants for Fall and Winter

With the upcoming winter months on their way we here at Lynch Plant Health Care know you customers care about your trees and shrubs as much as we do. As we do every year it’s time to prep our yards for the upcoming weather. Our PHC specialists are out there every day doing what they [...]

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EAB Detected in Massachusetts

This past month The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) confirmed that the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been detected in the town of Dalton in western Massachusetts. The EAB is a small flying beetle that has the ability to kill trees fast and stay evasive by boring under the trees bark and into its [...]

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Touch a Truck

On September 22nd Lynch partnered with the Town of Wayland for their annual “Touch a Truck” event which gained the interest of over 2,500 attendees. Lynch Plant Healthcare contributed by bringing its own spray truck. This event provides both children and adults the opportunity to get an inside look at how some of emergency/ utility [...]

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The Growing Mosquito Threat

Lynch Plant Healthcare understands the threat of mosquitos has become more than just the annoyance of its buzzing or the irritation left behind after it has bit you. A real concern has come forward with the recent spikes in West Nile outbreaks as well as the more local Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). The West Nile [...]

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Deer Ticks!

As the summer kicks in to gear and everyone begins to spend more and more time outside and there is a common worry throughout the community, Deer Ticks! In Massachusetts the deer tick is a common tick and just as well it is a common threat for outdoor enthusiast. Between the months of April and [...]

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Lynch Wins the Readers Patch Award for both Wayland and Sudbury!

The voters have spoken and in 2012 Lynch Landscape won the award for best landscaper for both Wayland and Sudbury by an overwhelming majority. If the poll and our word isn’t enough then look at these nice things A client had to say about the companies work. “I am absolutely delighted with the landscaping of [...]

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Winter Moth Warning

Well spring is officially here and as the buds on the trees develop further we want you readers to be aware of the potential threats to your foliage. One of the more prominent threats is the winter moth.  In early spring begins its quest to defoliate your tree before it matures. Even as it matures [...]

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Crab Grass

As the last remnants of winter disappear and our lawns begin to bounce back from the cold harsh weather. We here at Lynch Landscaping know that this is the perfect time to get a jump on your lawns health. What better way to do that then with Pre- emergent treatment for crab grass. When the [...]

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Lynch Plant Healthcare of Wayland, MA can help you save trees this spring.

This spring, please help save your trees with a spring Horticultural Oil treatment. Horticultural oil applied in the early spring is a great way to control many types of insects such as Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (see picture below), scales, aphids and lace bugs. The benefits of horticultural oil are an effective and environmentally friendly treatment [...]

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