Birch Leafminers

The Issue

Leafminers are larvae that feed of the insides of a leaf. Damage to the leaves of the host plant or tree will usually consist of small, individual leaf mines and as they overlap to form larger areas, wilting and gradual leaf death occurs. They are usually found in boxwood, birch and Hollywood trees. Again, these insects will feed extensively which can ultimately lead to premature leaf drop and in certain plants (ex: evergreens) can lead to death. Additionally, severe defoliation weakens the tree and increases its susceptibility to invasion by secondary insect and disease pests.

Signs of Birch Leafminers

The smaller, white larvae of the birch leafminer live within the birch leaves. They can be seen when the leaves are held up to the light. The adult is a black fly-like insect.

The Solution

Systemic insecticides to control the larvae can be applied to the foliage. Soil treatments and injections are the recommended solution to control this unwanted pest.

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