Steps in Lawn Care

Lawn Analysis

Lynch Plant Healthcare believes we must first understand your needs, issues and concerns before providing and applying solutions.  Every yard is different and every homeowner has slightly different requests and requirements.  We listen to you as we provide a lawn analysis in order to thoroughly understand what action items need to occur so we can improve the health and vigor of your lawn.


We use only the highest quality granular fertilizers which provide specific nutrients designed to help grass to grow and stay healthy.  Lynch Plant Healthcare applies the correct amount of fertilizer at the right time of year. Common ingredients include: nitrogen, potassium and micro-nutrients.

Weed Control

Lynch Plant Healthcare provides treatments to control and eliminate weeds which pose serious threats to invade your lawn.  We believe in utilizing a broadleaf weed control only where weeds are present and will be present as opposed to blanket spraying the entire lawn to reduce the use of unnecessary materials.

Lawn Audit

If requested, we are more than happy to schedule a time to walk your lawn and evaluate your turf and landscape. We are home owners too and recognize how much your lawn means to you by taking pride in having the best lawn possible.

Other Services:

Crabgrass Control – We recommend keeping a thick, healthy lawn to avoid crabgrass.  We offer a pre-emergent crabgrass control material and optional treatment before crabgrass germination begins in late spring.

Grub Control - We highly recommend our preventative grub treatment. Applied once a year, this treatment provides year-round protection against damaging grub populations which are very common in the MetroWest area.

Lyme Treatment – The soils in the MetroWest area are inherently acidic on the pH scale of acidic to alkaline. We recommend applying lime to reduce the acidity so the natural nutrients found in the soil, which turf grasses requires, becomes readily available.

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